Have you ever been "sold?" Sure you have. Most times you're not conscious of being sold when it's happening. You just discover a new way of seeing things.

The advertising pioneer Albert Lasker discovered in the early 1900's that "Advertising is salesmanship in print." That long-standing definition was later refined to "the art of moving one person's idea to another person's head."

You can recognize good advertising by how easily it makes you see the world [a specific product or service] differently. Like the one-on-one salesman, good advertising makes the prospect stop and listen to what the salesman has to say. Then you must have ways of demonstrating the strengths of your product or service (the proposition) in the context of your prospect's needs.

All good advertising can be measured against this maxim:
Attract and hold the viewer's interest long enough to present the proposition to change or reinforce his / her point of view. Then offer a reasonable next step of action to take, or a new way for him / her to think of the advertiser in the future.

Everything else is technique. The master ad maker knows that good technique is not a substitute for knowing what good advertising is. Every ad we make lives up to our one maxim. Our clients reap the rewards. No, we can't do it alone. It takes good clients to make good advertising.

Read our maxim another time. See if it makes sense to you. Measure
your last ad against it. Think about it. This maxim is our proposition to you. It is what makes us different. And it will make you money.