We believe that computer technology is a double-edged sword. It most certainly has revolutionized graphic communication technique: Capabilities, speed, and production methods. We're dazzled by the power, enamored of the graphic flash. But it in some ways, it has also limited creativity to what the computer can produce.

A picture worth a thousand words? More like a million, it seems. That leaves a question. In marketing communications, what best motivates people - words or pictures?

We believe it is the compelling idea, the proposition, properly framed in words and pictures working together.

Ideas can be conveyed with words, pictures, or both working together. We believe it is more often the words where the power of communication resides. Images appeal to emotion. Words appeal to the rational. When properly combined, words and images together, the power is multiplied. That's part of the power of advertising.

Point? We believe there is a danger in swinging too far in the direction of flashy images, especially in business-to-business advertising. When we put dazzling graphics in the lead role of communications, we may create an intriquing but pointless effect. There are so many more images to replace it in our mind that any one image will soon be forgotten.

On the other hand, the compelling idea properly presented builds fortunes for smart companies.