The client brought us the challenge of launching new products under the corporate brand name, Amoroso’s.

They wanted to differentiate this new product from the traditional Italian roll line, yet use the regional market power of the Amoroso's brand for credibility and initial trial. Fear of cannibalizing their own allotted retail sales floor space / bin space.

Use focus group market testing, both consumer and trade, to test the product attributes, such as taste, and the naming preferences. Develop a sub-brand name based on the attributes / benefits of the product itself, but tie it in with the Amoroso’s brand name. Differentiate it by using non-Italian wording (Hearty Country) and non-Italian baking imagery. Create its own logo style incorporating the Amoroso’s logo in it. Consumer and trade advertising and PR programs were employed.

Immediate market acceptance by trade retail customers. Enlivened the entire sales force by launching an “early success” product. Overall boost in sales companywide, no loss of sales space / bin space at the retail level, and additional volumes acquired from most customers.